"night journey" | James Edmonds

night journey was made as an improvised sound piece using tuntable, objects, walkman, 
i-pod, cd-player, mixer. It is all tied together with the addition of a recording of rain falling
in the backyard, giving it its slightly film-like quality. It is part of the nocturnal series
which includes other sound pieces, aswell as paintings and photographs.

j-a-m-e-s- -e-d-m-o-n-d-s :
b. 1983, England.
Is a painter/filmaker/sound-recorder/music assembler working with improvisation,

the recording mediums, accoustic environments, home-made household & bedroom music,
virtual tourism and cumilative cultural memory!

plays with various sound projects including: duo with Richard Scott, duo with Mangrove Kipling.

Also appears as Chad Raviola in the band/art project Oil Rig Catering since 2001


four directional.rec 06 net released 2008

.ogg Download : 01
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